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Our hands are used more than any other part of our body to convey messages such as hand shaking, gesturing and waving for example. Our hands act as a form of communication and so one of the first things people notice is the condition of your nails.

With this in mind it is not surprising that our nails form an important part of our grooming routine.

Jessica's Bar will pamper you with a superior level of hand treatments. From a mini foot treatment to a relaxing treatment - your feet deserve it!!

A brief description of the treatment, approx time required and the costs are available on my price list page - please click here to go straight to it.

With Jess's impeccable standards, based on the condition of your nails, with regard to your lifestyle and personal requirements, Jessica will advise you on the most suitable nail services to suit your needs.

For aftercare advice please click here.

"I have to give Jess five stars my nails were a voucher given to me as a birthday present and I am so glad they were. They lasted much longer than any other nails I have had applied which is amazing as I am a girl whos nails are treated as tools! I would highly recommend Jess's beauty bar to my all my friends! Cannot wait to get my nails done there again!" - Gemma Evans

Gel Bar

The Gel Bar features CND Shellac and Crystal g.

Smudge proof with durable shine that resists chips, scratches and smudges with zero drying time - and removes with no damage.

Shellac Aftercare .....

Shellac works best on natural healthy nails. The longevity of your Shellac Nails

will depend on individual lifestyle and aftercare.

Use cuticle oil regularly. Make sure you run it all around your cuticle and onto

the nails itself even if you have nude, polished, Crystal or Shellac. Use it a

MINIMUM of twice a day especially at night before bed (toes as well as fingers)

as this will keep your nails supple, healthy, moisturized, flexible and

nourished. You can purchase this oil in salon today.

 Wear rubber gloves when using cleaning products, gardening and washing up.

Any products containing Lanolin or DEET can cause your Shellac/crystal gel nails

to lift so best to avoid it.

 Do not bite, pick, cut or file at your nails as this will cause the Shellac to become

weak and will damage your own nails. In the unlikely event that your

Shellac/crystal gel has peeled or chipped, please make an appointment to see me

a.s.a.p. so I can fix it (within the 5 days). Peeling or picking will more likely remove a couple of layers

of nail with it too. Please note that all repairs are chargeable after 5 days.

 Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after application – no sauna or sunbed

Always wash your hands after you apply sun cream, tinted lotions, insect

repellent and coloured hair products. Some makes contain ingredients that will

impair your Shellac/Crystal colour possibly causing it to discolour, fade or


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